Kingston Farmers Market

Saturday 9:30 - 2:30          May 5 - October 27

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Vendors and Market Policies

Kingston Farmer's Market Policies
Last Revised February 15, 2017

All members of the Kingston Farmers Market will behave towards market customers, staff, volunteers, and each other in a professional manner that fosters a sense of market community and camaraderie, a spirit of cooperative involvement, and that promotes the market as a whole to the North Kitsap community.

The Kingston Farmers Market 2018 season runs from May 5 through October 27.

2. TIMES AND DAYS: The Kingston Farmers Market operates on Saturdays from 9:30 AM – 2:30 PM with occasional "special event" extended hours.

Residents of the Kitsap and Olympic peninsulas, with products that meet all Market requirements, may sell at the Kingston Farmers Market. Residency waivers for Vendors outside the Kitsap and Olympic peninsulas must be reviewed for approval by the Board. Re-sellers must be reviewed for approval by the Board (see Section 15 for further info.).

4. FEES:
The Board of Directors shall set fees for participation in the Kingston Farmers Market. Fees shall be clearly presented on the Market website and as an addendum to these Market Policies. Fees may be adjusted periodically and shall be established to balance a set of inter-related factors: cost of Market operations; support for Vendors in all categories; local market conditions.

Fees include annual membership and weekly booth fees. Membership categories include (a) primary items for sale (produce, processed food, hand-held food to eat while at the Market), and crafts; (b) age of Vendor (Adult, Juniors age 12-16, Kids under age 12).

The Market booth size is 10 feet X 10 feet. The Market does not provide water to individual booths (although potable water spigots are available on-site) or electricity to Vendors (although Vendors are able to obtain electricity from the Port of Kingston). Vendors are urged to bring canopies or umbrellas. All vendors who wish to erect canopies on the Market site during a normal period of Market operations, including the set up and break down period, are required to have their canopies sufficiently and safely anchored to the ground from the time their canopy is put up to the time it is taken down. Any Vendor who fails to properly anchor his or her canopy will not be allowed to sell at the Market on that Market Day, unless that Vendor chooses to take down and stow their canopy and sell without it. Self-contained kitchens in motorized trailers must be reviewed for approval by the Board. Food Vendors must be able to move their set-up onto the site, without damage to the area.

Participation and set-up is at the discretion of the Market Manager in consultation with Board members on site. The goal is to create a market layout that is complimentary to all Vendors and to the market as a whole. Vendors preparing foods or selling produce will be assigned an area.

During market hours, the Market Manager will collect fees, direct set-up, and decide any immediate issues affecting the overall Market.

Vendors are not to start setting up their booths until 7:30 AM. Vendors are required to be on site by 9:00 AM in order to participate in that day's Market. The Market opens at 9:30 AM and sales may not be made prior to that. Vendors are requested to stay for the entire Market Day. Vendors are responsible for taking down their set-up, disposing of their own garbage, and leaving their spot as trash-free as they found it. According to the Market’s lease with the Port of Kingston, Vendors must complete their takedown by 3:30 PM unless prior arrangements are made with the Market Manager.

During set-up and takedown, Vendors may park in the customer parking zone surrounding the Market area. However, Vendors may not park in the Port of Kingston’s 2 Hour Parking during Market hours. Vehicles must be parked elsewhere during the Market hours. Vendor parking is available in the Port of Kingston pay lot for a fee. On each Market Day, the Market Manager may have available, on a first-come-first-served basis, a limited number of special parking passes to Vendors who display a valid WA State-issued disabled parking permit . If you need help finding the correct place to park, the Market Manager can help you.

Vendors may not smoke on the Farmers Market grounds. Vendors may not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs during Market hours, nor have any alcohol or drugs on the Market premises, other than Beer and Wine sold by licensed Market Vendors.

10. PETS:
Vendors may not have personal pets on the property during market hours.

The Kingston Farmers Market is a retail market. Prices charged should be fair to all Vendors, and comparable to pricing in the community. Intentional undercutting will be considered unfair and the Vendor may be asked to leave.

The Board of Directors will make the final judgment on the suitability of any specific Vendor's operation for the Kingston Farmers Market. To encourage local craftspeople, craft goods must be hand- and home-crafted by a resident of the greater Kitsap or Olympic Peninsulas. Any goods that are not of sufficient quality may be required to be removed from sale by the Market Manager or members of the Board of Directors.  (See Artisan Jurying process at bottom of page).

Services may be sold at the Farmers Market provided they are performed on-site (e.g. chair massage, knife sharpening).

Farm animals such as goats, sheep, rabbits, ducks, or chickens, and domesticated cats and dogs, may be sold at the Farmers Market, subject to the pre-approval of the Market Manager or members of the Board of Directors. They must be kept twenty feet from any food Vendor. It is the Vendor's responsibility to provide for the animals' welfare and clean up the Market.

Produce Vendors are very important to the Kingston Farmers Market. The Market actively seeks and encourages locally grown fresh produce at the Market. Produce may be imported for sale by member Vendors at the Kingston Farmers Market, so long as:
   1. The Vendor is the only stop between the grower and the consumer. They do not deal with shippers, warehousers or jobbers. They do not sell any produce not grown in Washington.
   2. Re-sellers must label their products as being "re-sold" (or other synonymous term) and information must be visible for the consumer as to what farms produced those products.
   3. Brokers, who sell none of their own produce, must apply to the Board of Directors in writing prior to selling at the Market.  
   4. Farmers residing within Washington State but not on the Kitsap or Olympic Peninsulas may apply to the Board of Directors for a residency waiver to participate in the Market. (See Section 3) These farmers must abide by the policies of the Market and pay the specified weekly booth fee and the applicable membership fee.

Vendors may advertise their produce and foodstuffs as "naturally grown", "unsprayed", etc. but not “organic” without formal certification, since use of the term "certified organic" is restricted by State law to those who have, in fact, been certified by the Washington State Department of Agriculture. Uncertified vendors are asked to not use the specific term “organic”. All Vendors are required to advertise truthfully and to respond to customers' questions in a fair manner.

17. FOOD:
Perishable farm products and baked goods must be appropriately packaged and handled, complying with any applicable regulations of the Kitsap County Health Department. Hand-held food vendors (foods that are prepared substantially on-site and typically eaten on-site) are welcome at the Kingston Farmers Market, so that market customers can enjoy eating at the market. Foods may not be purchased for resale or commercially prepackaged. The Kingston Farmers Market is committed to bringing high quality products, produce, and foodstuffs to the Community. Any goods that are not of sufficient quality may be required to be removed from sale by the Market Manager or members of the Board of Directors.

It is each Vendor's responsibility to get and maintain any licenses or permits necessary for their particular operation. Vendors must comply with all Kitsap County Health Department regulations and licensing requirements. All vendors must follow sanitary procedures. Any Vendor found selling contaminated foodstuffs or produce shall be suspended from selling at the Market until satisfactory clearance has been obtained from the Kitsap County Health Department. All Vendors must wear shoes and shirts at the Market.

The Farmers Market is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the Market membership. The Board of Directors will meet at a regular time. Members are welcome to attend these meetings. The first working agenda item at every meeting will be "Vendor and Member Concerns."

The Board of Directors will appoint committees as needed to handle the business and operation of the Kingston Farmers Market. These committees will be chaired by a member of the Board of Directors and can include other Vendors and members of the Farmers Market and surrounding communities. These committees may be standing (ongoing) or ad hoc (set up for a single purpose and disbanded when the task is done.)

The Kingston Farmers Market annual members’ meeting is held after the end of the season with the purpose to elect members to the Board of Directors, and conduct the business of the organization. The time and place of the annual meeting is announced at least 30 days prior to the meeting.

Should a Vendor or other member feel their rights as a member of the Kingston Farmers Market have been violated in some way, or feel that another Vendor, Board member, or someone else has acted outside of their authority with the Kingston Farmers Market or in a way that harms the Farmers Market as a whole, the following steps should be taken:
   1) The grievance or concern should be put in writing and include a clear and specific description of the problem and the name(s) of the person(s) involved, a description of the ways in which the person has attempted to resolve the matter (if appropriate), and at least two courses of action that would satisfy the writer (if appropriate). These should include, but not be limited to:
         i) Mediation between involved parties.
         ii) Forming a Board committee to hear all sides of the issue & recommend action to the Board.
         iii) Determine that the issue does not warrant formal steps to resolve it and should be handled through other channels.
   2) Copies of this correspondence should be sent to the President of the Board of Directors and to all persons involved in the grievance or concern. This must be signed correspondence.
   3) The Board of Directors has final authority in deciding the outcome of grievances.

Any Vendor that wishes to imprint their products with the Kingston Farmers Market logo may apply to the Board of Directors in writing for Board approval and conditions of use. The Board will reply in writing within 30 days of application. Vendors selling logo items will pay the Farmers Market a 15% royalty per item sold.

The Kingston Farmers Market carries liability insurance that covers people for personal injury while they are on the market site. Vendors are not covered for damages customers may claim from their products or business losses.

     Annual Fee Paid before the first Market of the season : $40
     Paid between Market opening and the second Saturday in August: $50
     Paid after the second Saturday in August: $25
Daily Booth Fees
     Produce (grown or gathered from the earth): $10
     Food Processors (cooked or heated): $25
     Food (eaten on site): $25
     General Artisans and Others: $25
     Junior Vendor (12 to 16 years): $10
     Kid Vendors (under 12 years): $1

Additional Booth Fee: $1 per week for kid vendors. $10 per week for everyone else.

Additional Pricing Notes:
     (1) A Vendor can sell at the Market two times without becoming a member of the Kingston Farmers Market. The third time that the Vendor wishes to sell during the season, he/she must become a member of the Market with payment of the applicable Membership Fee and completed Vendor Application. The Market Manager and on-site Board member(s) will jury the guest vendors' products to determine appropriateness.
     (2) A maximum of 2 independent Vendors may share a single booth space but both must be Market members.
     (3) Spaces larger than 10 x 10 (including food trailers) are required to pay an additional $10 fee per week.
     (4) Special market days, such as July 4th, may be priced differently.

Goals & Purpose:
   • Ensure that Market artisan vendors are known for quality goods.
   • Favor and support hand-crafting over embellishment or simple assembly of manufactured parts.
   • Provide retail opportunity for local artisans with low cost-of-operation.
   • Ensure that the Market is not “flooded” with single and/or similar products.
   • Recognize and communicate that jurying requires a judgement call.

Application Process:
Artisans who wish to participate in the Kingston Farmers Market must follow this process:
     1. Submit photos and brief written description of their products and craft process to Market Manager or Board member.
     2. Receive preliminary approval.
     3. Participate in one or two Market Days without becoming a Market member. During those days (preferably the first), at least 2 of the 3 Board members on the Jurying Team + 1 of the Market Managers will look at the potential vendor’s booth and products; after a discussion among the reviewers during that day’s Market, the vendor will be informed of their decision. In any case, a Market Manager will notify the vendor in writing of the decision by the following Tuesday. If membership is denied, reasons will be included in that letter.

Who May Participate:
Artisans who make their own products and are members of the Kingston Farmers Market. Two vendors may share a booth (and a single booth fee) if both are individually Market members.

Product pricing:
The Kingston Farmers Market does not place restrictions on artisan pricing.